One For The History Books

Mile squared

Dataforma takes a visit to Hackensack, New Jersey to reconnect with our partner company Miles Square Roofing.  Not only was it great to see these folks again, but they also gave us one for the DF history books.

Their new team member, Dan, was eager to start using the system before our arrival, so he READ THE HELP MANUAL.  Uh-huh…that’s right….he read the help manual.   I think our training team is still walking around with smiles on their faces. : )

The entire Miles team is on-board and revved-up for more use of the system.  We know they’ll have great success and we look forward to watching them grow.  Call anytime you need us.

And by the way, your blogger is going to start reading the manual tonight!  Oh who am I kidding….I’ve got connections…..I’ll just keep asking lots of questions. 




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