Missing Colleague Found!

Costa_RicaOn the morning of April 13th, 2014 our industry friend, Brian Impellizeri, went missing.

All electronic devices had been powered down and his GAF tracking implant appeared to be disabled. His car was found abandoned at the Newark International Airport, but no signs of foul play…..just potential “fun play”. Yes, we feared the worst! (a vacation)

Thanks to his Dataforma T-shirt, local authorities were able to locate Brian in a posh resort near Arenal, Costa Rica. He was found frolicking on sandy beaches, sipping fufu drinks and enjoying time with his family (daughters Alyson & Adrienne pictured).

Upon his safe return to the states, he was closely evaluated by jealous friends. It seems he is well rested, lightly tanned and appears to have a bounce in his step. We encourage anyone trying to reach Brian to please do so quickly… his sunny, post-vacation disposition will only last so long : )

Thanks Brian for taking your DF tee shirt with you. We can now say Dataforma has gone International!




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