Let’s Hear It For Roofwerks!

Roofwerks2Dataforma travels to Raleigh, North Carolina to train our new partner company, Roofwerks.  This was one company that kept us a little tongue-tied.  Imagine training a Gary, Barry and Kerry all at one time. Yes, it was a little scary : )

After we figured out everyone’s name it was smooth sailing.  This team couldn’t have been nicer or more enthusiastic about learning the system.  They are now ready to tackle Project for their estimates and Work Orders for all time and material jobs.  What a great place to start!  It won’t be long before we see some super-users in this crew.

So anyone out there in blog land named Larry, Mary or Terry  looking for a job in roofing, I encourage you to give Roofwerks a call.  You would make a perfect fit! (and really confuse your trainer on the next visit…but we look forward to the challenge!)



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