Growing Into Building Areas

Helpful tipWe are often asked where our users can store important details of the “building”?

     Our contractors want to know the deck type, current roof system and existing insulation, slope of the deck, drainage type, roof area (S.F.), roof condition and more for buildings.  Most buildings have more than one roof “area”, thus one building can have more than one deck type, drainage type, roof condition and more.
      Dataforma stores the above details and more in the “Areas” tab for a Building.  Work Orders, Warranties, Installations and more can be associated with specific roof areas.  The history of Work Orders are tracked to specific roof areas.
     If you are not currently using Building Areas, consider starting to use this functionality soon.  We are starting to expand the functionality associated with Areas, including budgeting / forecasting by Building and Area.  Our contractors want to prepare budgets for their customers by Building and ultimately to specific areas of a building.  Some roof areas are in worse conditions than other areas of the same building and owners typically replace roof sections one roof area at a time.
     It’s a better long term solution in your database to use the “Areas” tab for Buildings.  It’s our opinion that every Building in your database should have at least one roof AREA!




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