Face-Lift Preview

combo2Let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little nip & tuck after 10 YEARS!  Dataforma is so pleased to introduce our NEW & IMPROVED user home page.

Coming soon is an updated, fresh look.  We took great care and consideration in reconstructing your viewing page.  You will find all features close to their current location, so your pre-programmed fingers can easily locate all features.  We have also subdued the full screen tone to ease your eyes, while enlarging and brightening the message board for optimum use.

Once your new home page is in place, you will see colors come to life as you scroll over each icon.  And saving the best “new” feature for last… you will now be able to view the blog and forum directly from your home screen.  (sweeeeeet!)

Have no fear! For anyone that growls at the word “change”, you’ll be happy to know that you may still view the “classic” homepage with a click of a button.  Remember, change is good and always needed with technology; however we want you to feel comfortable doing it at your own pace.



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