Expanding With Dataforma

We recently traveled to LaGrange, Ohio to work with West Roofing Systems, Inc. on expanding their use of the Dataforma system.  It was great working with their Service Manager, Robert ‘Boz’ Bosley to provide him with more support.  We also had the pleasure of training Joanie and Karen and this is what they had to say…


“Yesterday was a great meeting for us.  I can not believe how many possibilities the system offers.  You did an awesome job going over everything with us.  We are so excited to start building all of these files correctly and enter all of the information in the correct places.  Thanks again for coming out and spending the day with us. It has really opened our eyes to the capabilities and opportunities Dataforma has to offer”  – Karen Swiers, Western Roofing Systems, Inc

Aww…..shucks ladies, you make us blush!  Thanks for those awefully kind words.  Give us a call anytime we can assist. 





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