Drop Your Smart Phone in Water?

wet phone 2The Fix:  Whatever you do, don’t turn it on to see whether it works; that can cause a short-circuit.  Instead, shake off the water and dry the exterior with a soft cloth or paper towel.  Then take the phone apart.  Remove the back cover and the memory and SIM cards.  Take out the battery if you can (you can’t on the iPhone and some other models).  Then shake the water off the parts (if you dropped you phone in salt water, rinse it with freshwater first) or blow compressed air on them, and wipe them with a soft cloth.  Don’t use a hair dryer!  Stick the pieces in a jar of dry, uncooked  rice, and cover it tightly for about a week.  Then put it back together, turn it on, and cross your fingers.  There’s no guarantee that will work, but experts say it’s your best shot.

Consumer Reports/Shopsmart



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