Dataforma’s Dream Team

get-attachmentImagine the surprise when we saw our corporate law firm walk through the Dataforma doors first thing Monday morning.  A quick gulp of coffee and a rapid calculation of each person’s hourly fees and we suddenly felt a need for speed (and two aspirin of course).  Oh wait, this was not business….this was pleasure!!!!

And what a pleasure it was to have Ron Hershiner, Neil Slenker and fellow attorneys of Stock and Leader tour the Dataforma office.  It’s not often for an opportunity to enjoy the company of your corporate attorneys and also share what we do everyday.  It was a nice way to start our week and we thank Jeff Vermeulen, Executive Director for York College of Pennsylvania for including Dataforma in their tour.  J.D Brown Center for Entrepreneurship continues to embrace Dataforma and our direction for the future.  We are always delighted to share our journey and encourage other businesses as well.  As they say….pay it forward!  (We’re just glad we weren’t paying any fees today : )



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