Customer Spotlight – Strategic Roofing Solutions

Strategic Roofing Solutions was started five years ago by Mike Martin who has been in the business for 30 years. Technically, Strategic Roofing has 4 divisions, although Mike calls it three divisions – Waterproofing, Roofing, Service and Sheet Metal.

In late 2017, Mike implemented Dataforma having used the product in a prior life. Nobody at his company had heard of Dataforma so it took some time to implement “change,” yet after the crew and office staff became accustomed to the tool, they too became fans. One of Mike’s favorite features is to track labor rates & submit for payroll, an otherwise cumbersome task in the past. He is also a fan of Dataforma for making everything look professional for the customers including the customized templates, labeling of the photos, and the organization of the documents. During this quarantine lifestyle, Mike mentioned how easy it has been to keep in contact with his clients via the Dataforma Customer Portal, which Strategic was using a long time before this pandemic.

Mike contributes his company’s success to many things, although reputation sticks out as number one. People in the industry recognized his name, personal mantra of deliver what you promise, and relished the idea of working with him again. Strategic focuses mainly on re-roof, remedial and repair with a multitude of businesses including high end companies with multiple locations. And Mike always gives thanks to the Big Man in the Sky for watching over his business.

As with any new company, Mike had to learn the hard way. Strategic had some learning curves in the beginning, and it is tough sometimes finding the right personnel. Somehow it always worked out and by way of their amazing reputation, Strategic is poised to keep on growing. We look forward to watching this growth and are extremely thankful that Dataforma will be along for the ride.

When we had a chance to speak to Mike, things were starting to open up through this quarantine time.



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