Customer Spotlight – AMAYA Roofing & Waterproofing

Jason Gibson, President of AMAYA Roofing and Waterproofing, grew up in Northern Michigan and moved to Nevada in 2004. He traveled to Las Vegas often whether on vacay or visiting his sister who was a resident of Las Vegas. Jason’s roofing career began in 1995 as a teenager and eventually he studied as a roofing apprentice. He knew right away roofing would be his life career.

October of 2020 will mark four years since Jason began his business partnership with AMAYA Roofing. If you spend any amount of time with Jason you understand how passionate he is about roofing – anything and everything roofing. He enjoys recruiting new talent inside the company, answering all questions about the industry and building customer relationships. He has three other partners, a seasoned Operations Manager, Sean King and a hand-picked senior team who help keep up the growth and culture of AMAYA Roofing. Success stems from the phenomenal relationship with their customers.

AMAYA started with a new name, a new company and a new everything in 2016. AMAYA Roofing and Waterproofing has four divisions – Multi-family / Apartments, Production Division/Re-roof, Single-Family / HOA, and Customer Service/Leak Repairs.

Three qualities define AMAYA – Integrity, Character, and Loyalty (both directions) – management to non-management and vice versa. Jason says that most people can learn the roofing trade through training, yet you can’t teach someone these three qualities, they either have it or they don’t. Helping people and building “authentic” relationships is what Jason attributes to the common denominator of internal success and customer success.

Dataforma has been a proud partner of AMAYA since the inception of the company. Introduced by AMAYA’s sister company in San Diego, ALTA Roofing, Jason and his team researched multiple software solutions to find a platform that was the most robust with excellent software speed and customized components for their needs.

There are many Dataforma features that AMAYA leans on for day to day communication and productivity. AMAYA operations team and crew utilize the ease of the drag and drop scheduling, work order notes, and the proposals featuring customer photos/ inspections/bids. From the customer service side, AMAYA cites that having a system for everyone in the company to use (with organized details) based on the customer address allows anyone, any time, to look up the information allowing the client to get immediate answers to their questions. Dataforma has so many components that each company differs in favorites and what portion of the product gets used on a day to day basis.

Like all companies, AMAYA has had to make some adjustments during the pandemic including personnel safety including hand washing kits for each truck, limiting the number of people in one area, and following OSHA regulations by adding more steps to their daily routine.

If Jason had to give a 20 second elevator speech about his company and why they are one of the best out there, he would mention communication as the key to client success! The entire organization prides themselves on same day communication whether they have the answer or need some time to get back to the customer with questions.

If you are looking for a company who truly embraces a passion for roofing, check out AMAYA!



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