CS1 Commercial Joins Dataforma!

CS1 Commerical2This week, Dataforma traveled to Sacramento, California to train our new partner company, CS1 Commercial . 

Wow!  Talk about multi tasking.  They can do it all.   During our training, this team took phone calls, set-up appointments, worked on proposals and learned Dataforma all at the same time!  It was LIVE training at its best.  There was no learning it and implementing later.  It was more like, we’re very busy, we need Dataforma, so let’s do it now.  Love a group that jumps into action and doesn’t look back!

It was great working with this very experienced roofing crew.  We look forward to their input for future functionality and upgrades.  Can’t wait to introducing them to the DF family when we come together in California this November.



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