Commonwealth Roofing Invites Us Back

Commonwealth RoofingCommonwealth Roofing continues to grow in business and with Dataforma, thoroughbreds of sort in Louisville, Kentucky.  Today’s training combined educating current DF Super Users, as well as, several new employees on the basics and benefits of the DF database.   Commonwealth Roofing has used the DF system for more then 3 years.  Their database includes thousands of Contacts, Buildings, Work Orders and Projects.  As one of our outstanding partner companies, Comnmonwealth always provides helpful  input and suggestions on how to enhance the database.

Hot Brown
Hot Brown

We look forward to Commonwealth’s participation this year as a presenter at the November PSU meeting in Washington DC!  When you’re as top-notch as they are, we can’t miss the opportunity to include them in our lineup.

On a side note, if you are ever in Louisville you must try the local favorite “Hot Brown”.   I’m assured it is a low calorie, low cholesterol dish….NOT!  Oh well, it was well worth the splurge.  Hope the hotel has a treadmill!



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