Can You Guess The Pictured State?


So did you guess it?    If you said Minnesota, you are right!

This week, Brian Cook, from our sales team, will be spending a little time in Minnesota….actually Minneapolis to be exact.  Brrrrrr!  Anyone in the region, wanting to dish about Dataforma, please contact Brian.  I know he would love the chance to come in and warm up for a bit.  Plus he’s always ready to share the Dataforma experience.

So give Brian a call or send him an email.  He would be very pleased to show you the system and answer any question you may have regarding Dataforma.  or 1-866-764-9992 (ext. 710)

If you’re going to miss Brian, you can always get a free demo of Dataforma by filling out our form. We’re excited to talk to you about what Dataforma can do for you!
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