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How Roofing Contractors Are Eduring the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dataforma is a proud partner of Rackley Roofing (Nashville, TN). As a long term client of Dataforma, we are thrilled to hear that the transition from work in the office to work at home was seamless with our business management software.

In a webinar focusing on how roofing contractors are enduring during the COVID-19 pandemic from the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), there is some great insight from many roofing leaders. While some contractors have struggled to switch from traditional in-person tactics and communications, others have made the transition smoothly thanks to technology, such as Dataforma.

Curtis Sutton, President of Rackley Roofing in Nashville, announced on March 18 in a Facebook post that 100% of the company’s office staff was working remotely.

“For our presentations, all will only be performed digitally until further notice. Our commercial inspections can be performed with or without your attendance as most of the information can be ascertained from aerial imagery and on the roof.”

Curtis Sutton, President of Rackley Roofing

Rackley Roofing Chief Operating Officer Michelle Boykin said the company has been digital for several years using Dataforma, so the transition was fairly seamless.

“I think that it helps that we were already on this path and had things going on, but it’s really helping us see as owners who is passionate about their job and who’s really putting in the effort and it’s definitely going to have an impact in the future of who we let work from home and what our office looks like going forward.”

Michelle Boykin, COO at Rackley Roofing



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