Congressman Perry Visits Dataforma

Scott_Perry1J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship  and Dataforma have always had a strong relationship; therefore when Jeff Vermeulen, Executive Director for York College of Pennsylvania, informed us he would be visiting our office with Congressman Scott Perry, we couldn’t have been more pleased. 

We were honored to be part of the tour for Congressman Perry.  Apparently he has a keen interest in high-tech companies and everyone knows we’re not shy about sharing the Dataforma experience.  We are all to happy to pull up our soapbox for a few minutes.

J.D Brown Center for Entrepreneurship has been a driving force in keeping technology business in Pennsylvania.  With their help and guidance, Dataforma has found a great State to call home.  Providing jobs through technology is thrilling for us and we are happy to contribute growth to our home state .  Sorry Silicon Valley, Dataforma is staying put!

Thanks to Congressman Perry and the tour group for stopping by



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