A Visit With Simpson Unlimited

simpsonAfter a strong start in the database, Simpson Unlimited was ready to move past Work Orders and take it to the NEXT LEVEL!  We were eager  to assist, so the DF crew headed to Manassas Virginia for a follow-up training.

Super User, Taylor O’Conner, will be taking the lead with entering historical project information into their database for quick access.  Entering historical project information will include warranty information and types of roof systems/products installed.  This finger-tip connection to company information will allow them to serve their customer even more efficiently then before.

The Simpson service team will also generate customized proposals via budgeted/proposed Work Orders.  This will help their service manager to organize all open service proposals in a single location…..simply by accessing via the Message Board.

SIMPSON is truly UNLIMITED in what they can do in the DF system.  It was great coming back for a day to share more functionality.  We hope to see you at the PSU meeting in November….we have lots more to share!




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