A Shout Out To Hayes Miller Roofing!

Hayes Miller Roofing2There are people who come in to your life and by their true kind nature, they just can’t help but leave a permanent mark.  Floyd Mitchell with Hayes Miller Roofing in Longview, Texas is one of those people.  His company joined  Dataforma when we were relatively new and now 8 years later, they continue to be one of our dedicated users.   This family run company has a way of making us feel right at home anytime we stop by.

It had been awhile since our last visit, so we were happy to see how well they were using Dataforma.  Their service technician even commented on how he loves the app….saves him so much time.   Ahhhh, music to our ears!   After spending the afternoon with this savvy team, they are now caught up on all latest functionality.

We look forward to introducing  you to Floyd at our next PSU meeting.  We are counting on him attending….there is a golf ball teed up with his name on it!




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