A New Use For TPO

tri-state roofing1

You may not have guessed it, but TPO provides a perfect makeshift projection screen (see photo). 

Dataforma arrives at Tri-State Roofing in Chicopee, Massachusetts for training even BEFORE the drywall and office furniture.  There will be no putting in past jobs or playing catch-up for this new roofing company.  They will be using the Dataforma management system from the very start….well actually before the very start.   What a great time to train.  Whether its project 01 or 1 million, we’ll be right there helping them grow.

Thanks Tim & Craig Rainy for taking us with you from Texas to Massachusetts.  We are honored to be part of your expanding business.  No matter which coast you’re on,  with Dataforma you’ll have complete access to both businesses.  Can’t wait to see how your office comes together after the construction.  This is better than an episode of HGTV.




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