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Business/Process Consulting

Our on-site consulting combines years of knowledge of how to run a successful roofing company with an intense understanding of Dataforma, creating an amazing opportunity to use Dataforma to the maximum capacity. The added value of our Business/Process Consulting service could be all you need to cut costly inefficiencies, reduce inconsistent data, increase customer satisfaction and positively impact the bottom line.

Hardware/Technology Consulting

We can assist our contractor partners in building and maintaining secure local and wide area networks. We can help you design your network, install and configure hardware, and troubleshoot problems. We have experience with all core network devices including switches, routers, wireless, access points, VPNs and firewalls.

Software/Technology Consulting

We provide our contractor partners a trusted resource when dealing with any technology related project. We can bring knowledge to an area that you may not be familiar with and make sure that your objectives are driving the process. We also have the expertise to manage projects and provide consulting services to complete the process. Some areas we can help with are, email, Microsoft products, Linux operating systems, Voice over IP, and network connectivity. We will also ensure that your network and systems are secure.