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Security & Reliability

Network Security

    Bi-Coastal Data Replication Daily

    Our customer databases have been operating continuously since 2003. Co-locations are fortified, bunker type buildings protected against man made or natural disasters. All our data is replicated and backed up hourly in each co-location facility. Data is saved to tape daily for media redundancy. Takes are stored off-site for further security. We monitor system performance 24 hours a day.

    Secure 128-bit SSL Data Encryption

    All user data is accessed via a secure, 128-bit encrypted website. Our encryption meets industry standards used by Fortune 500 banks, investment companies, etc. The Dataforma Technology Team is committed to working with you to circumvent internet problems in any way possible. If you frequently experience connectivity problems with your ISP, we would suggest looking into an alternative provider or implementing a back-up connectivity plan.

    Mesh Hardware Architecture Ensures Multipule Fail Safe Points

    Our company's focus is to keep your data safe and secure. By leaving IT operations to our well-trained professional staff, you can know that the most qualified people are maintaining and backing up your critical data. Furthermore, Dataforma servers operate in high-security bunkers - hosting facilities designed to withstand threats ranging from petty theft to national emergencies This means that no matter what crisis befalls your company or region, we'll be running - and so will your business.

System Security

    User Permissions

    Ability to restrict accessing and exporting critical information. Delete role to prevent improper deletion of records in the system. Ability to setup a view-only account. HR role to classify all confidential employee information

    Locks and Keys

    Ability to allow each division of the company only to view their information instead of company-wide information. Ability to lock Work Order and Project records so that field technicians can only view/update current jobs that they are working on. Using multiple locks allows precise control over which records each user can view while maintaining simplicity in creating the entry.

    Audit Log

    Every click in the system is tracked and stored in the database. Project status changes are stored with the username, time and new status when they are submitted. External IP addresses allows the administrator to view where the user was located when he or she was using the system.