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What Is Dataforma?

Dataforma is the roofing industry's largest provider of web-based roofing management services for professional contractors. Our innovative roofing software provides a web-based relational database program that’s completely scalable for small to large sized businesses. Contractors use our system to efficiently manage everything from project data, work order/invoicing processes and customer correspondence records to bulk mailings, company/personal scheduling, product information and document storage. You get a comprehensive web-based roofing management software solution that organizes all of your business’s activities and relating documentation in one convenient place.

Data entered into our roofing business management system is inter-linked to provide extensive searching, sorting and reporting capabilities. With Dataforma, roofing professionals can gain the ability to quickly and easily photo-document issues and repairs, transmit information back to the central office, assess material requirements for individual projects, and create and submit bids all within the same day. Whether you’re getting started with a new client or managing long-term maintenance contracts, our web-based roofing software provides the backend administrative support you need to streamline your operation.

Dataforma is a privately owned company based in York, Pennsylvania with development teams and data-center operations based in Maryland, Florida, and California. With over a decade of experience, we’re the roofing and construction industry’s trusted source for web-based roofing management solutions. 10 Year Anniversary

Committed To Our Partner Companies


Why is choosing to use a technology service such as our roofing business management system better than buying pre-packaged software? Because of our service. We want our partners to have the ability to take advantage of all Dataforma has to offer. We are dedicated to making sure you and your team are comfortable with our roofing management system. Dataforma provides live, in-house training to all of our partners, but it doesn't stop there. We will be there for you every step of the way.


Where do we get many of our really good ideas? Believe it or not, we get them from you! One of the aspects Dataforma partners love most about the system is the product upgrades that are available instantly on their computers. No hassle of installing complex roofing business software, no version issues with computer system upgrades, and especially, minimal or no charge for the latest and greatest standard Dataforma features. Your feedback helps us to develop the best web-based roofing software out there, and we will continue to grow - together.


How do you keep up with the fast-paced evolution of technology? With a typical software sale, quality customer assistance ends at the cash register. But Dataforma provides more than just top quality roofing business software - we provide an on-going service. To provide our partners with the highest quality of service, we provide live, in-house training, monthly webinars, frequent follow-ups and 24/7 live help to get you fully comfortable with the Dataforma system.

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Don’t let your business growth get bogged down by time-consuming administrative tasks that can be centralized and automated. Take a closer look at the system capabilities of our web-based roofing software, and contact us today to start partnering with Dataforma!